VK Diamonds Story

VK Diamonds lives by the idea that fine jewelry can be accessible, beautiful, and conscientious.

In 1988 when VK Diamonds first opened, it focused on a custom of magnificent Service, Quality, and Value.

For more than three decades, VK Diamonds have given clients extraordinary items supported by unrivaled administration, with its rich convention of value and mind.

VK Diamonds anticipates many years of administration to clients with a profound regard for quality, a hunger for information, and a craving for confidence in association with a highly customized firm.

Since beginning our journey, we have constantly sought inspiration from our customers. We can present exquisite designs in an easy and accessible way, uniting our creativity with your desires.
For us at VK Diamonds, every piece of jewelry we design is made with love, little pieces of history, pieces for you that highlight your personality, symbolize special bonds, and hold dear memories.
It reminds us of where we have been and the adventures we are about to embark on. A constant reminder of signs of love, heirlooms of the past, and treasures that hold the purpose of the future.
Celebrate with a touch of your own story at VK Diamonds today. Discover our beautifully curated ready-to-wear jewelry collections, or we can design your masterpiece with the assistance of our highly skilled jewelry designers to create a piece as unique as you are.

VK Diamonds defines modern luxury through our carefully curated jewelry that is personal, luxurious and anything but the norm.
Our unique and varied ready-to-wear jewelry collections are available via our online jewelry store, catering to all styles and tastes.
We work with the world’s top designers to create exquisite ready-to-wear and bespoke jewelry that is carefully and expertly crafted.

As premier gemstone specialists, VK Diamonds brings you the finest quality Diamonds and Gemstones. We give you access to a vast selection of Diamonds and Gemstones, including unique investment stones not yet available in the commercial market.

From sourcing to setting, we are experts at every step of the jewelry design process.
Discover luxury jewelery made with love in the VK Diamonds collections!