About VKD

About VK Diamonds
VK Diamonds lives by the idea that fine jewelry can be accessible, beautiful, and conscientious.

Our Legacy
Since 1988, VK Diamonds has been dedicated to offering magnificent service, quality, and value. For over three decades, we have provided our clients with extraordinary items, backed by unparalleled service and a rich tradition of quality and care.

We look forward to many more years of serving our customers with deep respect for quality, a thirst for knowledge, and a commitment to building trust through a highly personalized approach.

Our Inspiration
Inspired by our customers, we blend creativity with your desires to present exquisite designs that are both easy to access and unique. Every piece of jewelry we design is made with love, reflecting little pieces of history. Our creations highlight your personality, symbolize special bonds, and hold dear memories.

Our jewelry is a constant reminder of past journeys and future adventures, heirlooms of the past, and treasures for the future. Celebrate your unique story with VK Diamonds.

Our Collections
Explore our beautifully curated ready-to-wear jewelry collections or collaborate with our highly skilled designers to create a masterpiece as unique as you are. VK Diamonds defines modern luxury through our carefully curated jewelry that is personal, luxurious, and anything but the norm.

Our unique and varied ready-to-wear collections cater to all styles and tastes, available via our online store. We work with the world’s top designers to create exquisite ready-to-wear and bespoke jewelry that is carefully and expertly crafted.

Our Expertise
As premier gemstone specialists, VK Diamonds brings you the finest quality diamonds and gemstones. We offer a vast selection, including unique investment stones not yet available in the commercial market. From sourcing to setting, we are experts at every step of the jewelry design process.

Discover luxury jewelry made with love in the VK Diamonds collections!